At AlterNet we continue to be involved in cutting edge projects that enable our clients to harness the power of technology that help attain competitive advantage at a global scale. We present a few of our current projects and programs that have been executed for our global business clients.

Please note: We are unable to name our clients due to the research nature of our work and non-disclosure agreements.


Track and Sensor for Supply Chain and Logistics: Product Enhancement (M2M)-Machine-to-Machine

One of the core components that AlterNet works towards is creating innovative solutions for companies thus paving way for higher productivity and a greater competitive advantage. This is achieved by AlterNet’s innovative ideas that are continually emphasising global competitive advantage while also devising IoT products for companies as up to date innovative solutions.

AlterNet has dealt with one of the largest logistics and supply chain providers to transform their manual machines into modern processing machines. One of the problems was that they have remained manual and therefore was not cost effective for the company. AlterNet came up with a solution by implementing a small converter employing analogue to digital converter that allowed data to transmit information automatically through data chips. This allowed for the data to then be displayed later through one of their pre-existing portals.

Implementing machine-to-machine communication greatly reduced the logistics and supply chain providers’ total expenditure spent on visits, inspections, and manual readings. The results indicated that operating expenditure had been decreased by $25, 000 simply for the implementation of the converter that AlterNet had worked towards creating. This also led to greater efficiencies within the business in terms of and reduced error rates in invoicing.


Visual Stimulation for Health and Safety: Shop-floor Training

Inductions in manufacturing centres have proven to be costly and ineffective due to time taken for personnel to train new employees. One manufacturing company in particular had a team dedicated to train new employees.

AlterNet brainstormed as to how they could transform this company’s training process by making it more efficient and less time consuming. AlterNet, using their specialised knowledge in IoT created a digital training guide. Implementation of the comprehensive digital training guide led to several benefits for the manufacturing company. This included a decrease in the training budget while the product proved to be a great success as it was interactive and user friendly, and at the same time consistent and standardised.


IoT Solutions for Property Energy Management: Smart Buildings

As today’s global warming crisis continues to grow, it becomes an issue as to how modern buildings and apartments are able to meet such high standards in order to effectively reduce carbon emissions and reach these targets. Today’s ongoing challenge is how to meet these standards and to make it a priority to continually lower emissions over time.

AlterNet working alongside other such innovators have come up with a product called Smart Sensors allowing such emissions to be measured. As such, the smart sensors provide several benefits including estimates of energy consumption, peak demand management and dynamic benchmarking for companies helping modern buildings and apartments minimise their emissions and essentially manage their carbon footprint.


Augmented Reality for Shopping Malls: Web Mall

With so many stores and online retail businesses, how must new businesses and stores compete? For businesses, this remains one of the biggest challenges existing between online businesses and stores.

Customers are continually looking for personalised experiences along with the satisfaction and rewards of shopping at retail stores. Essentially, AlterNet along with a partnered business has challenged this concept and created a visual store containing all the likes of graphics and animation along with an in-store interaction that a normal store would have. Virtually, this experience is established by wearing an Oculus-like device to enable consumers to attain a pleasurable experience while no longer experiencing a traditional store or e-commerce site.


Measuring Footfall through Free WiFi

Did you know that free wifi is not only great for ad-delivery, but can also be used to track in-store retail?

Working with a wifi-provider, we enabled them to build an ad delivery platform as well as provide store owners information on customer engagement inside a store. This has helped many store owners adapt to the new world of physical retail and as a result increase their sales. Through this intelligent and innovative knowledge, owners of stores and larger companies were able to increase their sales and market their products for better engagement within the store.


Virtual Reality for Marketing Real Estate Projects: Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is no longer simply used for innovative games or stimulating environments for personal satisfaction. As virtual reality (VR) has now existed for over two decades, IoT businesses such as AlterNet are now looking towards new ways of experience virtual reality (VR) and how it can be implemented within today’s society. One construction company came to AlterNet wishing to create a solution as to how they could go beyond simply showing investors a two dimensional drawing of their new project.

AlterNet created and developed a model for the construction company using the concept of virtual reality (VR) by using an Oculus device, taking their 2D model to new heights as Investors could now interact with a 3D model. Investors could also later view the project once again by an Android app created in similar likes allowing for investors to once again be able to view the project.


TV + Internet = Connected Life for the Elderly

One of our more ambitious projects is the mass distribution of a plug and play device for your TV that makes life easy with features like call a friend, a social feed, event planning, share photos, read messages, and much more.

Geared specifically towards the elderly, the product focuses on an incredibly simple user experience and helps users keep in touch with their loved ones.

AlterNet started by building a prototype including hardware and software and is now helping commercialise this product.


Wired Consumer-Retailer Convergence: Wearable devices

With the increasing demand for new smart devices, one must imagine what innovative companies and businesses must be designing and creating. One such innovation is wearable devices like an Oculus.

Smart devices that we use on an everyday basis still have many shortcomings such as including small screen size and battery life of a standard smart device. AlterNet hopes to go beyond what a smart device can currently offer and transform virtual reality devices into a new platform to create a greater experience for consumers.

AlterNet is currently working with another innovative company to develop applications and business solutions to operate virtual reality (VR) devices that go beyond what a simple smart device can do. The new virtual reality (VR) devices are becoming limitless as they are being further developed to offer endless opportunities.