ibmblr: Discover Hidden Portraits with Watson. 15 artists teamed up with Watson to discover and illuminate the unknown essence of seven of history’s greatest thinkers using data—An exploration that makes data analysis, and the hidden connections it reveals, an actual art form. Now it’s your turn to see what Watson... read more
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How IBM built one of the world’s top digital agencies - Silicon RepublicThrough a string of acquisitions and data-processing forces to be reckoned with, IBM IX has taken the lead in the world of digital marketing.A March 2017 Adweek report on tectonic shifts in the brand marketing ecosystem noted how professional... read more
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“Gold! Gold! Gold from the American River!” With these words, Samuel Brannan began the famous California Gold Rush in 1848. Once he saw that there was gold to be found, he spread the news with his paper the California Star, and by the beginning of 1849, thousands of people were... read more
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In one of my previous posts, I looked at lean production and Industry 4.0 – two approaches that have been friends at Bosch for quite a while now. Since then, the concept for combining these two in a perfect symbiosis has been further developed and implemented. These friends are now... read more
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Note: this article was first published in the IoT Technica Curiosa magazine. The Internet of Things – IoT for short – is here to stay and to change our world for the better. This grand vision depicts a world where people, buildings, and physical objects are connected to a single... read more
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Many young people wonder what they should study to prepare properly for a career in the Internet of Things. There is no question that people skilled to push IoT further will be in high demand, as Alicia Asín pointed out in her recent post on this blog. But the question... read more
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The current state of IoT is as diverse as it can get – and at the same time, this makes one thing clearer than ever: people must be at the center of its development. They must be empowered to “use” IoT in order to achieve their respective goals. Attending this... read more
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We are on the verge of one of the most exciting decades in economic history. The Internet of Things (IoT) will change industries, business models, and value chains. It will usher in new winners and cast old heroes down . Speed will be important, but will size matter? And it’s... read more
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We spend an inordinate amount of time in our workplace. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans spend 87% of their life indoors. The majority of industrialized countries follow suit. So, it’s fair to say the buildings in which we live and work play a significant role in our daily... read more
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We’re bringing you an exciting addition to the long list of devices that already work with SmartThings: let’s welcome Lutron to SmartThings! Lutron Caséta switches, dimmers, and innovative remote controlled... read more
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Amazon and SmartThings have added a little more smartness to your home! We’re excited to announce a new feature for Alexa that works with SmartThings; now Alexa can tell you... read more
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The educational gap between skills demanded by IoT companies and practical knowledge of workforce could decrease (endanger) the expected growing of the market. The best well-known research companies are continuously publishing reports with estimates and forecasts on the burgeoning IoT market, including device growth, amount invested and potential return on... read more
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Interesting product from Awair that combines air monitoring with a smart plug. Combo devices like this are becoming a stable in consumer electronic IoT devices.... read more
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Recent research from McKinsey Global Institute shows the agricultural sector as having the lowest digital penetration rate of any industry. Industries rated the highest, such as finance, have seen huge improvements in productivity and the addition of new services, while agriculture lags behind. For many growers, the experience of digital... read more
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  Scrambling to come up with an idea for Valentine’s Day? Make this one extra special with the help of SmartThings! Even if you aren’t home to greet them, SmartThings... read more
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Samsung SmartThings and Google have teamed up to bring you Home Control with Google Pixel and Android Wear devices! SmartThings is the only complete smart home platform to work with... read more
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TP Link devices have become a stable in the smart home market. We have tested the multicolor and it works very well. The great thing about TP Link lights is that they do not require a hub at all. So if you are looking to dip your toes into smart... read more
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Does the dreary weather have you down? Don’t despair! Even though Punxsutawney Phil said there will be 6 more weeks of Winter, we’ve got some tips to help you fight... read more
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Wemo has updated it smart plug line up with a mini version that allows you to stack two smart plugs in a single outlet. The design is very sleek and packs the same features as the other smart plugs offered by Wemo. We are excited to see more progress in... read more
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