The world has changed quite a bit since in 2007 a handful of researchers (yours truly included) got together to talk about the need for working on the application layer of the Internet of Things, aka the Web of Things: The Web of Things is a refinement of the Internet... read more
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According to Bosch Software Innovations’ CEO Rainer Kallenbach, role models of traditional hierarchies still exist – even in the digitalized world of work. In an interview with’s Ruth Lemmer, he explains how leadership works at Bosch Software Innovations in times of digital transformation .    Bosch Software Innovations employs... read more
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Knowing the precise location of your assets – whether it is a portable X-ray machine or aircraft de-icer – saves time and money. It is estimated that 28% of nurses spend at least an hour a shift searching for the equipment they need – costing something in the region of... read more
via Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog | on June 15, 2017 | Hack Snapchat Accounts... read more
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Fast Inflatable Hangout Air Bed: great for camping fishing and festivals and  beach sunsets... read more
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Tru Bargain - Your One Stop Bargain Shop: checkout read more
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There were many fascinating exhibits at Bosch ConnectedWorld 2017, but one in particular stood out: our caravan. Many people gave it a quizzical look, and some asked: “What does it have to do with the IoT or the connected world?” Well, more than you think; but before I explain that,... read more
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As a student, what are you looking for? First and foremost, FUN. Come to think of it, we could easily replace “student” with “employee” or “professor” and have it make just as much sense. But just like employees and professors, most students take a very professional view of their studies,... read more
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In the emerging vision of a hyper-connected world, there is interactive intelligence all around us. Physical products and infrastructure are no longer mere objects. They are sensible things that can in many cases understand – and even anticipate – our human intentions and adjust accordingly. Cyber-physical systems will become commonplace... read more
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Amazon has lunched another version of Alexa in a device that has a screen that allows consumers to see outputs based on the commands they give Alexa. Consumers can have video calls and also stream videos from other connected cameras to the Echo Show. It will be interesting to see... read more
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Amazon is doing a great jump of launching different device options for consumers to leverage Alexa in their home. Amazon Look is currently focused on taking your fashion experience to the next level. There are also some other basic use cases like baby monitor and home monitoring that could work... read more
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ibmblr: Discover Hidden Portraits with Watson. 15 artists teamed up with Watson to discover and illuminate the unknown essence of seven of history’s greatest thinkers using data—An exploration that makes data analysis, and the hidden connections it reveals, an actual art form. Now it’s your turn to see what Watson... read more
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How IBM built one of the world’s top digital agencies - Silicon RepublicThrough a string of acquisitions and data-processing forces to be reckoned with, IBM IX has taken the lead in the world of digital marketing.A March 2017 Adweek report on tectonic shifts in the brand marketing ecosystem noted how professional... read more
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“Gold! Gold! Gold from the American River!” With these words, Samuel Brannan began the famous California Gold Rush in 1848. Once he saw that there was gold to be found, he spread the news with his paper the California Star, and by the beginning of 1849, thousands of people were... read more
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In one of my previous posts, I looked at lean production and Industry 4.0 – two approaches that have been friends at Bosch for quite a while now. Since then, the concept for combining these two in a perfect symbiosis has been further developed and implemented. These friends are now... read more
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Note: this article was first published in the IoT Technica Curiosa magazine. The Internet of Things – IoT for short – is here to stay and to change our world for the better. This grand vision depicts a world where people, buildings, and physical objects are connected to a single... read more
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The current state of IoT is as diverse as it can get – and at the same time, this makes one thing clearer than ever: people must be at the center of its development. They must be empowered to “use” IoT in order to achieve their respective goals. Attending this... read more
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We’re bringing you an exciting addition to the long list of devices that already work with SmartThings: let’s welcome Lutron to SmartThings! Lutron Caséta switches, dimmers, and innovative remote controlled... read more
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Amazon and SmartThings have added a little more smartness to your home! We’re excited to announce a new feature for Alexa that works with SmartThings; now Alexa can tell you... read more
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