AlterNet co-founded by Ruchir Punjabi and Venugopal Ganganna, is an IT innovation practice that began as a venture by the Langoor Group. This venture has now evolved into a promising tech start-up entity known for its expeditions in the Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR) and Data Analytics. These work-streams have high impact on the modern society and global business operations. AlterNet is currently collaborating with leading supply chain and manufacturing entities in Australia and Asia to create innovative business solutions that help combat growth and operational challenges.

As a business, AlterNet aims to build foundational elements for transforming industrial entities to adopt business solutions with a strong flavour of intelligence.

IoT builds on the foundation of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication that results in the creation of an “always connected” environment where devices and equipment are constantly communicating with eachother. This has been made possible by the successful exchange of data via the internet that connects a range of machine elements. As IoT continues to remain a hot topic of discussion for corporates that are pursuing their innovation strategy, AlterNet is at the forefront to enable the conversion of machine sourced information into knowledge. We firmly believe that the key of competitive success lies in using technology as a differentiator.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) as platforms have existed for over 2 decades. The advent of interactive gaming devices and applications have made it a household name. Special glasses and wearables are enhancing regular content and providing high definition & surreal experience to viewers. AlterNet’s VR team is able to provide end-to-end solutions that would enable business, training and educational entities to tackle their content presentation & communication challenges. AlterNet’s VR can create a virtual world that can be experienced by users through smart digital devices which stimulates the environment thereby providing an immersive experience of the setting with which they are able to interact.

Data Analytics forms a very essential function for every business operation in the world. We are collecting information at an enormous rate and volume. Yet, we are challenged with the problem, how one converts them into meaningful knowledge. Questions around the need and relevance have been often asked across all sections of the company and it is quite a common scenario to find that we do not have all the vital data elements at hand. AlterNet helps filter out the noise around the hype created by Big Data and Predictive Analytics, to enable business entities to reverse engineer their information requirements that are critical for decision making. This not only saves time and cost of collecting & storing irrelevant data but also ensures integrity and timely access to the appropriate info sets. Without a doubt, knowledge is power.



AlterNet can help you transform the way your products and services engage with your consumers. Our industry expertise and knowledge can translate your vision into reality. Where Hardware, Software and Internet are involved, we can look at your business problems through various lenses and help you solve them in the best possible way.
Sometimes one doesn't know what they don't know. AlterNet can dive deep into your business to look at existing business processes and identify key opportunities. Our goal is true transformation through the use of technology. We can help you improve different parts of your processes to bring a direct, long-term impact to your bottom line.
Using the principles of agile development and lean manufacturing, we’ve perfected a model that enables accelerated innovation. No more waiting 6-12 more months before you can take a product to market. We can help you innovate fast and help you test customer fit. The idea is to build things that people love - and AlterNet can help make that a reality.
The most challenging aspect of connected devices and technology is how users interact. What demographic does a product target and what is the expected user behaviour? How do you ensure adoption and happiness in usage? Is there a way to remove the complex? We can dive deep, focus and enable ease of use through a specialist team of UX designers.
As a Langoor venture, we are part of a broader network with strong experience of launching brands and products. We regularly take technology and web products to market. We can help you become successful regardless of what stage in the business life cycle your product or service is in.